true motion indoor sculler
boat native cockpit and adjustability

Ticks all the boxes:
sculling - sweep rowing - imbalance

The Biorower is designed to bring back the original rowing motion – on land. 
Low impact – high strength, high endurance, high mobility training.
In short: true rowing.

It is an investment in your joy of rowing, in your boat speed, in your health and well-being, in your independence from everything that is going on outside, an investment in your performance and an investment in your joy of life. 

Strictly for rowers and non-rowers.

Aram Lemmerer
Biorower founder

Dealerships and lead users

Why settle for second best, if will enjoy it almost every day?

How the #Biorower is made.
@perfectbalancerowing @ecolifestylefitnesshk

Pros Series Black Matt Edition ...ready for Max Watt test.

Looks awesome! What do you think?

@perfectbalancerowing @cubc_squad

We have heard about limited ...water time for college crews.



Indoor Quadrupple Scull set-up.... Connecting four Biorower Pro models, adding full oar options and 3 coupling units.

Also turns into two doubles, four singles, two pairs, and one nice sweep four.

#offthewater #offthewaterisonthewater

@perfectbalancerowing @bodybasicsomaha @ecolifestylefitnesshk @michiganrowing

Club models in stock. For the ...first time in our company history, we've got models in stock. Not many, and probably not for long.


We are working on the modular ...Biorower Pro Eight.

Connect 8 Pro models to one eight, two fours or quadrupple sculls, four doubles or pairs or eight singles.

@perfectbalancerowing @bodybasicsomaha @ecolifestylehk

We are bringing back the wooden... racing seat for the Biorower Club and Biorower Pro.
We think it looks classy. What is your take?

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#indoorrowing as it should

#realistic #rowing in ...#40seconds


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